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fresh water boat riverFresh water – no limitations!

Swap showering in record time for a comfortable life on water

With the self-developed aquonic osmosis system, you can now produce your own water on inland waters. Thus, you no longer have to worry about how long your fresh water will last until you have to refill it or that you should shower only very sparingly. aquonic produces drinking water from the surrounding rivers, canals or lakes.

Aquonic advantages:

  • Turns river or lake or canal water into clean drinking water
  • Highflow osmosis process for effective treatment
  • UVC sterilization ensures the quality of the drinking water so that no microorganisms can survive in the water (the retention rate of the membranes is theoretically 99.99%, so in the worst case germs could pass through the membrane and are then eliminated by UV radiation).
  • Automatic shutdown once fresh water tank full (digital version)
  • Lime free water protects the fittings on board; especially coffee machines and dishwashers.
  • Simple extension of the rinsing and cleaning cycles can be selected via multifunction switch – for example after a longer standstill of the plant.
  • Easy and fast installation
aquonic watermaker

Functional Principle

The raw water passes through a sediment filter and a pre-pump into a three-stage pre-filter. The working pressure is then created by a pressure pump and the filtered raw water is pumped through the membranes. Subsequently, the drinking water produced is sterilised by UVC radiation and then re-mineralised. This remineralisation serves to improve the taste. All program steps are automatically controlled and selected by means of a multifunction switch.

  • Six-stage cleaning and mineralization process
  • Combination of pre-filters and membrane filters (controlled by automatic valves)
  • Sterilized by UVC radiation re-mineralisation
  • Safety is ensured by non-manipulable cleaning and flushing programs
  • Built exclusively with approved material according to drinking water regulations

Highflow membranes guarantee high throughput with a long service durability

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Technical Specifications

  • Water production*:
    60-120 l/h daily output: >1,440 l/d

    *depending on water quality and cleanness/clogging of the filter elements

  • Energy consumption:
    12 V – 12 Amps
    24 V – 6 Amps

    → 1,2 – 2,4 W/l

  • Dimensions:
    600 x 420 x 260 mm (width/height/depth)

  • Weight: 20 kg
aquonic watermaker

certificateTest institute confirms cleaning performance

We are proud to announce that our aquonic has passed the test according to the German Drinking Water Ordinance. All measured impurities and contaminants could be removed from the system.


In contrast to conventional seawater desalination, the treatment of drinking water from river water, lake water, rainwater and surface water is much more complicated and technically complex. Due to the lower osmotic pressure of fresh water, it is also possible to work with lower pressure, but river water contains a large number of different pollutants compared to sea water, the elimination of which must be ensured. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PCAs) and heavy metals in particular place high demands on a treatment plant. A further difficulty is that the concentration of pollutants cannot be predicted for the different user and is subject to constant changes. For example, passing ships or anchor manoeuvres cause sludge containing heavy metals to swirl up; heavy rain in the country can flush herbicides from fields, whereas in the city fine dust from tyre and brake abrasion as well as faeces often get into the surface water. Under all these conditions, however, a drinking water treatment plant must function safely at all times.

In order to be able to offer a safe treatment plant that produces clean and healthy drinking water of consistently high quality under all conditions of use, many input conditions must be observed:

  • The input water (raw water) can contain any toxic and hazardous substances in unknown concentrations and mixtures.
  • There are considerably more undissolved solid particles in the raw water than in seawater (algae, suspended matter, faeces, fine dust, tyre abrasion, waste materials, plastics).
  • The plants must be able to produce the daily requirement of drinking water with little energy.
  • Maintenance must be simple and safe for the user.
  • Operation must be cost-effective.

In order to meet the above-mentioned requirements, we have developed the aquonic, a drinking water treatment system with a 7-stage purification process, which is energy-saving and cost-effective to operate. The entire process developed by us runs fully automatically; the user only has to switch the system on and off and flush it regularly when not using. All these operating steps are controlled by a single multifunction switch. This is located on the system or as a remote control (special equipment) at a desired place in the ship.

In order to prove the safety of the aquonic, we have had the system tested by a certified testing institute and simulated any conditions of use. Thus, up to 25 % sewage contaminated with faeces was added to the raw water. Furthermore, any environmental toxins such as glyphosate, hydrocarbons (PAH), heavy metals and toxic substances such as arsenic and uranium were tested in the source water. Rainfall, particularly from agricultural inputs, mainly causes herbicides and fertilisers to enter water bodies; industrial wastewater often lies as sludge on the ground of water bodies for decades. The pollution levels of inner-city waters in large cities such as Berlin are sometimes so high that bathing and fishing bans are regularly imposed. Here, too, a watermaker has to function reliably at all times.

Measurements were carried out in accordance with the test procedure of the German Drinking Water Ordinance:
Aquonic was able to produce clean drinking water under all conditions at any time. We subjected ourselves to these voluntary and very complex tests in order to have the functional safety of our systems confirmed by an independent institute. For our commercial customers, we can thus offer a certified mobile drinking water supply system which has been tested and approved in accordance with the German Drinking Water Ordinance. Commercial plants can be equipped with a flammable sampling valve (special equipment).

What is aquonic NOT?

aquonic cannot be compared with conventional water filters or osmosis systems for the household. Such systems are connected between the pipe and the water inlet to filter out lime and substances that may originate from the household pipes. The flow rate is low because only the water that is needed at the tap runs through the system. They therefore supply only a few litres per hour and are not certified in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance. These systems cannot clean unclean raw water reliably, as they are intended for the purification of already clean drinking water in households. In addition, reliable cleaning performance is usually difficult to prove (as the incoming water is already drinking water). If such plants were operated with river water, the membranes would be clogged after a very short time due to the load. As far as we know, there are no systems that are as useful as aquonic and are certified with contaminated source water in accordance with the German Drinking Water Ordinance.



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Unit 13, Worle Industrial Centre, Worle,
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Tel: +44 (0) 1934 517288
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Proud member of British Marine - leading the industry World Cruising Club Corporate Member

Last updated: 15th September 2020
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